Thursday, November 02, 2000

sorry again!!! can't help it!! i luv writing in my blog soo much!!! *lol* you'll have to excuse me!! hehe :)
sorry *lol* i can't help typing more on this page!! now that my mood has cleared (wow this must be a record!!! i've never been able to cheer myself up in such a short time before!!!), i'm just gonna type away!!! hey guess what, i'm gonna get my own domain name!!!!!!! the url's gonna be, but i don't have a domain name yet 'cause dad still haven't got an email from netsolutions (ooooh they're sooo slow!!!). i can't wait til i start hosting people and stuff. i have been wanting a domain name for a long time!!! and i really wanted to start a business (i know i'm too youny to start making money, but hey, it's my life, not yours, so bug off!)!!!! i luv making money after i swap that $0.20 from victoria!!! and i really want more money so maybe i can look for stuff for my site more freely and probably buy a UBB for my site!!! well that's all i've got to say for now. write more later!!!
urgh!! what an ugly day!! first i didn't get picked for solo in choir, then i have so much home, and just now i have just been told that i have to go home for lunch tomorrow!!! and guess what, choir happens to be tomorrow!!! but when i told mom that, she didn't say anything!!! just totally ignored me. i don't know but my life's a total crap right now. write later.